Kuriyan Jawan Bapu Preshaan 2021

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Fatherhood is a massive responsibility, however being a girl’s father is still worry able thing in society. People around that particular person always insecure him about his daughter’s marriage, security, so on. Our story is like same person, who is surrounded by such kind of character, who always divert our main character’s (father) thoughts, to doubt on his own daughter and reminds inequality factor of girls. But daughters prove everyone wrong and show that girls are not less than anyone. They are more capable than boys in society. The whole journey of father and daughter’s relationship shown in this movie, which will eventually show that, in present time women are not less than men.

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Tagline:Convincing your relationship to your parents doesn’t always end up well….
Duration: 108 Min
Budget:$ 94.879,00

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