Running on Sand

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Running on Sand 123movies, Aumari, a young Eritrean refugee living in Israel, is about to be deported back to his home country. After a spontaneous escape attempt at the airport, he is miistaken for a Nigerian striker, who is supposed to arrive at the same time. Aumari seizes the opportunity and benefits for his change of identity as the new key acquisitions for the team of ‘Maccabi Netanya’. Despite the absence of any soccer talent, Aumari is able to cover-up and heal the divisions of his struggling team, while a tender romantic bond with charmingly unconventional daughter of the team owner is growing.

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Tagline:The problem starts, when you stop running
Duration: 95 Min
Language:العربية, Deutsch, , עִבְרִית, English
Budget:$ 1.300.000,00

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